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What is the Vestry?

The Vestry is the lay leadership body of our church, made up of elected members, with fiduciary responsibility for the financial and overall well-being of the parish.   The Vestry is akin to the Board of Directors in the corporate world. 

The term of a Vestry Member is typically three years, but there is another term option for candidates ages 16-21, which is a one-year term that may be renewed (via election) twice so that this person may ultimately serve three years.

Members of the Vestry are elected annually at the St. James Annual Meeting, typically held in January.

St. James Vestry Responsibilities

General Responsibilities for all Vestry Members


Vestry members should strive to the best of their abilities to:

  • Have a love of God and demonstrate a commitment to following the way of Christ and our

  • Baptismal Covenant;

  • Accept and strive to live into St. James Statement of Common Values;

  • Be active in and knowledgeable about the congregation, its programs and governance, the Diocese of Utah, and The Episcopal Church;

  • Be fair, interact well with people and strive to earn the respect of the members of the congregation;

  • Invite, listen to, and respect the parishioners’ questions, suggestions, complaints and compliments.  When appropriate, share these with the Rector, Staff and Vestry.

  • Maintain openness and integrity of the Congregation’s business with all members, except when confidentiality is appropriate; then judiciously respect that confidentiality;

  • Have enthusiasm and vitality for this ministry.


Vestry members should be able to make the following time commitments:

  • Vestry meetings: usually the third Tuesday each month

  • Two Vestry Retreats per year, typically on a Saturday

  • One hour per month to attend leadership development meetings/trainings

  • Additional Vestry meetings as may be scheduled for special circumstances

  • Support of at least one or more parish committees or initiatives and attend related meetings and activities

  • Regularly attend worship services

  • Rotating responsibility for the Sunday Welcome during Worship and articles for the weekly newsletter

  • Regularly attend congregational events: coffee hours, meals, fundraisers, adult education programs, etc.

  • Annual Parish Meeting

  • Diocesan meetings, as called upon


All vestry members are responsible to:

  • Offer “time, talent, and treasure” to support the congregation’s ministries

  • Pledge financial support early in the stewardship campaign

  • Be familiar with and know where to access the Parish Bylaws, the Diocesan Canons and the Canons of the Episcopal Church

  • Be a liaison to at least one Ministry in the church, providing guidance when needed and reports to the Vestry at least quarterly and for the Annual Parish Meeting.

  • Maintain faithful stewardship of church finances, property, identity, and spending

  • Pray regularly for the rector, leaders, members, and life of the congregation

  • Be an active minister of the Gospel in daily life and work

  • Bring one’s whole self to the table; being present – mind, body, and spirit

  • Risk openness with one’s ideas, beliefs, and spiritual journey

  • Complete Diocesan Safe Church Training

    • Online

    • Requires approximately 5-8 hours to complete

    • Is valid for five years

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